Dream Your Way to Success!

20130920-083455 PM.jpg

We often hear stories about people who overcame impossible odds to achieve wealth or fame. They are often tales of being at the right place at the right time, a coincidence, or meeting the right person just when they need to. What’s going on with this? Did the lucky few who made it find Aladdin’s magic lamp that delivered these miracles? How do the rest of us get one of those?

Turns out we all have a magic lamp. It is our unshakeable commitment to achieve our dreams. No matter where we find ourselves, this commitment is always inside and waiting to be tapped. But how do we tap it? How do we get the genie out of our own magic lamp so miracles happen for us?

Success, however we define it, is achieved by following these steps:

  1. Choose to commit to your goal or dream.
  2. Pursue relentless action aligned to your commitment.
  3. Expect and have faith that you will get help along the way.
  4. Show sincere gratitude for the help and results.

(Thank you, B. Rogow!)


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