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“You laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at you because you are all the same.”

The society dictates what we are supposed to be, what we must believe in and what rules to follow. We conform to every direction and every suggestion presented to us, and in the process, we forget who we really are, our unique personalities, our core essence. However, there comes a time when we contemplate and ask ourselves: What does it take to be different? What does it mean to be unique?

Being different means:

– Being Fearless, never afraid to challenge the norm

– Being courageous to take a chance

– Asking Why and How things work

– Creating your own track, not just following the familiar path

– Charting your own course and destiny

-Being the person that you were meant to be



  1. This piece really resonates with me. It’s very empowering and validating. I too have written on being different. At some point it is my sincere hope that the majority will see “different” as wonderful.

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