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Life Coaching is a special therapeutic connection between a valued client and a coach. The coaching process addresses specific personal concerns, general challenges and transitions in the client’s personal life, relationships or profession. This is done by exploring what is going on currently, discovering and defining obstacles, and planning a course of action to accomplish goals and reach the person’s maximum potential.


Delta Global Personal Development Coaching mainly aspires:

~ To formulate a creative process, individualized to accommodate the specific needs of each client

~ To engage in an eclectic and holistic course addressing the needs of the person

~ To maintain the highest level of character, integrity and unbiased conviction on every client, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs and societal background.

~ To establish rapport and an interactive relationship between coach and client with honesty, genuineness and commitment

~ To facilitate clients to reach their ultimate potentials and bring positive transformation through a goal-oriented and results-based approach

~ To inspire a powerful partnership which challenges clients to acknowledge and build on their strengths and energy, explore their current reality and organize an action plan to move forward

~ To actively assist every client to develop a well-founded perspective and support them to explore a wide variety of options


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